Sam The Eagle…You ARE The Father!


I tried to leave this Imus foolishness to the PC nitpickers but cotdangit, I’m tired of all this. Personally, the fact that he called those girls a bunch of nappy-headed hoes is high-larious. I’ve been chuckling to myself for the past week thinking of Imus (who’s really looks like Martha Stewart and Sam The Eagle’s love child) fussin’ to hissef and spittin’ out Skoal like “those nappy-headed hoes!!!” Comedy.


And at Dlisted my man noted that when 50 Cent says the same thing (or way worse) that nigra gets endorsement deals, sells out stadiums, goes on Leno and corporate America basically makes it rain on his net worth. So because some aged cowboy with a broadcast signal says the same thing it’s suddenly some big goddamn deal? America, get a life.


Imus basically did the equivalent of wearing your houseshoes in public: something that everybody does, only a few people admit to, is tacky as all get out, but for serious, is not that deep. Let that country motherfucker be a country motherfucker and let us worry about this, or this, or this (I mean, let’s just bring back Reconstruction while we’re at it).

Come on children, get it together.


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