“Meet Me After School And I Beat You Like Gorilla”


I got my hands on a sampler by Bonde Do Role, the Diplo-endorsed trio who swayed his ears by sounding like little kids screaming in the street — or something to that effect.

Just four songs, two of which you can find on their CrackSpace. You know, good clean, Brazil fun. I’m trying to see the children in Philly this weekend with The Klaxons (I approve of their album but I wanna see the madness up close) and Soulwax (eh, a bonus). They better scream their nutty little butts off – else, I don’t know, I’ll be vaguely annoyed.


2 Responses to ““Meet Me After School And I Beat You Like Gorilla””

  1. "I Was There" Files: Klaxons & Bonde Do Role @ Transit « Conny Kate Says:

    […] saw the children with Bonde Do Role and Soulwax and it was a time. Philly is like Woodstock to New York’s CBGBs — more love and […]

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