Music Stuffuses


On  a recent MySpace troll I encountered this row-dee track by Flosstradamus called, “Act A Fool.” I can’t even explain it except it sounds like a second childhood that someone shit all over…or something. I was literally sitting around for five minutes looking like this.

This is the kind of music that makes girls sleep with you instantly, no questions asked. I can imagine the herbiest dude ever concocted stepping to me and he says, ” You know, I’m from Flosstradamus and I did that song ‘Act A Fool,” I ditifully discard my panties and respond, “So, where do you wanna f*ck? ‘Cuz…um, right here is good. Yeah, I know it’s the produce section at Key Foods, just move the pineapples.”

Also, Basement Jaxx have a new song that I don’t really approve of. It’s catchy and all but it’s so teched-out and devoid of that funky bounce that makes their music so addictive. Whatever, you can listen to it here.,


4 Responses to “Music Stuffuses”

  1. Couple Sexlife Agregator » Music Stuffuses Says:

    […] Music Stuffuses […]

  2. Styl Says:

    Whoever introduced these fools to Kernkraft 3000 needs to be shot.

  3. connykate Says:

    Crack kills.

  4. “I Was There” Files: Chromeo & Flosstradamus @ Hiro « Conny Kate Says:

    […] know how I was all up on Flosstradamus’ nads when I first heard “Act A Fool.” Lucks for me, the kids also know how the twiddle […]

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