“I Was There” Files: Macy Gray and Mims Album Release Parties


Whoa…that behaving myself thing I alluded to in the previous post went out the goddamn window with the quickness last night. And you know what facilitated the foolishness…Sparks.

So last night, everybody was celebrating the release of their first quarter project and I planned on hopping from Mims to Young Buck to Macy Gray but I was saucy and baring lots of leg in a vintage sheath and patent leather heels. My style was not gonna roll with G-Unit and I wasn’t trying to get finger-raped on the dance floor.

Mims was a hot janky, splaboo mess. It was at Home which I realized I hate with the all the vitriol my soul can muster(Chelsea is for rock hoes) and it was packed for no other reason except all the splaboos were trying to get at the open bar. And it wasn’t even a proper open bar as the bartender did not serve you unless you tipped. Ghey. What happened to free flowin’ likka, the label picking up the tab, everybody slammin’ em back in harmony? Home, Mims, slaps for you two.

But then, was I fiending like a proper coon for some Sparks. My galpal and I, let’s call her Homey the Half-Breed, couldn’t take it and nearly washed the attendant’s feet with our hair when we found some Sparks. Fool.

By the time I got to the Macy Gray party I was in line talking shit, I saw my old boss and sucked her dick all night, it was weird but I can genuinely say I had fun. I was having a good time, running into mugfuckers, dancing, being fool and not just being doped on the happy juice for no good goddamn reason. 

High (higher than me anyway) profile splaboos included Toccarra from ANTM, Like Dat from Flavor Of Love (who was also in the mix at Mims…double boo), DJ Envy, Pharoahe Monche and of course Miss Macy herself.

And honestly, Conny’s a little tired of this partial open bar shit. What is this open bar till 12 bullshit or open till we hit $500 mess. That’s not an open bar. That’s more like an ajar bar. I want Grey Goose and Soda all night gatdammit!! They also had cocktails named after arbitrary shit like the P+P cocktail (what?) and the East New York (ewwww). I didn’t touch that shit.

This was like the 80th thing Conny went to this week (I know it’s Wednesday) and I just got sick of seeing the same people and not knowing who the fuck they were so by the end it was like, “yeah, girl I was at Jennifer Lopez listening party too and you was eating a pomengranate. Let’s exchange info.”

By the by, it’s 10 am and a bitch is still drunk and posting waiting for hangover food. I need a support group.

Here’s Macy having the time of her life at PM lounge.




2 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Macy Gray and Mims Album Release Parties”

  1. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    First: I want to come with you to these parties! How can I get in? Second: I saw a commercial for Macy’s album last night. The commercial was a mess and the album looks a mess, too. Third: what’s going on with that white girl’s hair in the photo? It’s like Ghetto Becky time or something.

  2. connykate Says:

    !. Yeah…let’s get our e-network on and make in happen cap’n!
    2. Her album is suprisingly good. She got that Muppets Take Bed-Stuy sound but Strange Behavior is my shit.
    3. That bitch hangs out with Macy Gray. Enough said.

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