“I Was There” Files: Musiq@ House Of Courvoisier


Ha! You’ll note that for once an “I Was There” post wasn’t filed under “foolishness.” Conny’s movin’ on up in the world.

The scene was cool, very industry/boho (it was Musiq) and notable splaboo attendees included Marcia from Floetry, Biz Markie on the wheels of steel, Terrence (only kids under 15 may know this one) and Big Tigger of BET and Ed Lover.

One thing I realized is that I don’t really like industry events. Unless it’s some rowdy ass open bar, hood mess, it’s usually just staged networking. But that’s not the express purpose so you feel weird like, “hello,  I work in operations and we’re looking to extend our brand? Do you have a card?” Meanwhile, they’re slamming back cavoseeyay and deciding whether or not to palm your ass.

That’s another thing. Have you ever had courvoisier? I’m not a 30 year-old rapper in my prime or Jimbo from block trying to make a come up so before last night I could answer no. But those paleskins were throwin’ in all types a mess: triple sec, courvois, pucker, pineapple juice. And after all that I could still see! That’s shit was a rip-off. But I was also “partying” with some superiors so I couldn’t properly get down. Boo.

Also the “food” was raunchy. It’s House of Courvoisier– We happy with a lil’ music and a lil’ dranky drank. What’s good with the mini cornbread beef patties, the pineapple and rubber chicken on a stick and the yuck of all yucks, ham wrapped around a pear! What in the $2 dollar lunchables bullshit was that?!?!

I had enough by 11 and I left before Musiq went on but I heard he played a long ass set and Big Tigger flowed and somebody else did something. I remember being jealous upon hearing but I have the attention span of a kola nut so I don’t really care anymore.

So yeah…be back with more adventures in Splabooland!!


4 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Musiq@ House Of Courvoisier”

  1. r Says:

    Drunk at pm posting. I was there. I met toccarra. I kissed her.

  2. connykate Says:

    You need prayer…and stop stealing all my crazy thunder!!

  3. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    Ikantstahndthewaymusiqdon’tspellnuffinpropalee. Hekneedstakutthatshitowt.

  4. connykate Says:

    You know? Philadelphia…jesus, can we just close that city?

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