Trendwatch: Rehab

Hey sexy ones! Conny’s here with the latest hot trend sweeping hot insiders from SoHo to SoCal: Rehab!

Hot chica Amy Winehouse is making the whole country get down with her sultry groove “Rehab” and it’s easy to see why, ha ha! Everyone from Slutney Beers (oops, sorry Brit, you know I love you chica!) to Mr. Marky Marc Jacobs himself are staying late at the 90-day party that is rehab.


Rehab is soon to replace summer as the new fab noun-turned-verb of the jetset. Soon people won’t ask where I’m going to summer this year but rather where I’m rehabbing, for how long and do they have Pilates (to which I’ll answer, “Of course they have Pilates! I mean it’s rehab! Who do you think I am?”)?

Rehab is so hot, you don’t even need a real addiction to be in the know. Kramer and Isaiah (oh, wait nevermind, Kramer didn’t do shit, fuck that n*gga – oops, that was the ghetto coming out, pardon me) went to support groups for name-calling and Britney’s testimonials probably center on deadbeatdaddyness.

How to catch this fast trend? Pick a vice and blow it out of proportion. I personally continue to eat ice cream even though I’m lactose-intolerant. I just can’t wait and take those no-poop pills. My girl is checking in next week because her knuckles are cramping up from too much Mancala. And Conny’s guy-du-jour sniffles too much. All we ask during this difficult time is that you circulate our press releases and then, please, respect our privacy.


Alright, well Conny’s gotta jet – enabler meeting at 2 – so stay fab kids! Smooches!


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