Music I Shouldn’t Like: Lloyd + Diddy


Man I was dreading the bejeesus outta making this post. I’m not one for giving props where props are due so much as I’m about throwing shade on derelict coloreds. Eh, once won’t hurt me…or will it?


So everyone is being weird and pretending that Lloyd didn’t put out that garbage Southside album a couple years ago and that now he really is the second coming of the Inc and R&B singers with “good” hair. Plus his last name is Polite and he talks like a bashful Southern belle which is AWK-WARD!

Yet as much as I want to hate, everything (and really, everything) I’ve heard from the child as of late is fairly bumpworthy (Goddammit I feel dirty just saying that). “You,” “Valentine” and the upcoming single “Get It Showty (or Shorty, Shortie, Little Person, whatever)” I must say is…sigh…fire. Aaaaahhhh let’s pretend I never released this garbage post.

Also, Diddy hates my guts by putting out some catchy shit lately. Damn, Puffy just tap into my electro weakness on tracks like “Last Night” and “Come To Me.” Got me all in the back of the club fake jammin’ (“naw, I don’t like that song. I’m just dancing like I would if the song was hot. Which it’s not. Now mind your business and go play in traffic).

But aa-ha I got both of those emeffers beat: I don’t buy music, I play it on the CrackSpace till I’m sick of it. Eat that!,


5 Responses to “Music I Shouldn’t Like: Lloyd + Diddy”

  1. seher Says:


  2. connykate Says:

    holy christ

  3. Jason Says:

    Whits with the pick od Puffy dry humping big girls booty?

  4. BIG G Says:


  5. BIG G Says:

    I’M A G

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