Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Yo, Conny be saying this for real sometimes. If I have an anthem it is definitely these desperate vocals layered over this sassy bassline. So I got some YouTube goodness for you children who don’t believe in the power of the ’80s (shame on you).

Also, check out girlfriend on the left — can I have her job? Pin half your hair back, pop on a Cinderella skirt and use your mic as a mere accessory while you twirl your queeny heart out. Lazy high yeller heifer.

There of course an “updated” euro house version by Seamus Haji. Honestly, Conny can’t stand SH mixes — too tinny and the shirtless homo vibe too strong my taste. But you know, check it out, if not for the tired ass voguing in the vid, then if you seriously need to blow 3 minutes of your life. (If you want to redeem those minutes I suggest you re-watch the original vid).

Oh, and if you really wanna know what happened to me last night? Three words: Gusher-scented Magnums.

Think about it.


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