If You Gonna Be A Monkey, Be A Gorilla



Guess who came into the Mickey D’s today!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

Holy jesus, Conny was just workin’ the fry basket when Reggie Reg aka Funk Docta Spot aka Reggie Noble aka REDMAAAAAAN (!!!!) comes into the piece and orders mad McNuggets. Conny being the sly bitch she is not only got to chat up her high school idol (and if she ever goes to heaven, future all-night fuck) but she got to take a picture and ya boy hugged Conny and kissed her on the cheek (even though he’s 36, damn that n*gga still fly…Jesus) Reggie also revealed that he’s releasing Muddy Waters 2 to take the young kids back and of course he was on the grass like a surburban lawn mower.

I know you’re thinking, “so the fuck what bitch? I met the mailman this morning and that motherfucker was sleepy. Who cares?” I CARE!! You don’t understand the sorry state my Docs Da Name 2000 album is in. Conny is not even gonna acknowledge that shit came out 9 years ago (Damn, Conny gonna be poppin’ Centrum with her Sparks pretty soon). Plus, Conny maybe a delusional weirdo but I swaare dude was checkin’ me out. Barely lookin’ at my face talkin’ ’bout “thanks for the love, mama.” Oh my god, he can get it anywhere, anytime under any circumstances. You wanna fuck at funeral? Fine. You want me to lick Crisco off your nutsack? Done. Instead of condoms you use Twizzlers? Whatever, let’s work it on out.

You know you gotta cop Red Gone Wild Thee Album on 3/27. My baby needs that McNugget money.


4 Responses to “If You Gonna Be A Monkey, Be A Gorilla”

  1. seher Says:

    hahahahhahha i love you

  2. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    I loved Redman from “Blow Ya Mind” (now whatch me freak it in Korean), but he was always a little funny lookin to me. But to each her own. I hope your wish comes through once you make it to heaven.

  3. connykate Says:

    HAHAHAAAH heaven…oh exy…

  4. “I Was There” Files: Rock The Bells Festival « Conny Kate Says:

    […] Rockwilder.” La La La La La La  LAAHHHHH!!! (You kids know how bad I got the hotcrotch for Reggie Reg). Then they finished up with “Triumph” and I honestly started tearing up thinking about […]

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