Sang It, Lutha!!

Conny’s gonna get a little serious here for once but she just saw the sweetest video: Luther Vandross’ “Shine.” The video is adorable and the song is great on levels I can’t even handle including the fact that it samples Chic’s “My Forbbiden Lover,” it’s Luther’s buttery voice spliced with deliciously tacky archival footage and the kid getting his shine on the court literally made me tear up. I’m clearly a pussy.

Also, Conny’s weekend was foul. Some of us got AIDS of the chin by sucking face with dirty little children. Some of us shopped the shit out of the Goodwill. Some of us broke our ankles and stayed laid up in Conny’s bed for two days. And a question for you folks: If it’s 5 AM, and you’re taking a yellow cab back to the ‘stuy (that’s bed-stuy for you nobodies) and you notice that your cabbie smoking a pipe like he’s in his den flipping through Newsweek on a lazy afternoon instead of driving your black ass home what would you do? Some of us take hits of the pipe likely filled with peyote and Ajax and then get out of the cab and break our ankles.



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