Shredding My Black Card: Bling Bling 2002


Oh my god, black people just stop it. I’m hitchin’ a ride through life with another race. Wonder if I can I pass for Hmong?

Conny came across this example of absolute…jesus…I can barely post this…nigras… Anyway, 456 Productions has made a board game of the national hood pastime, cee-lo. You may not know the name (if you do you probably run numbers out of your basement apartment and everybody calls you Snake) but you have seen this shit go down if you’ve ever been near a ghetto (in this case, TV ghettos count too). This is that dice shit that wayward black men have been carrying on with on stoops and alleys across the nation for decades. So the good hustlers over at 456 decided this backwoods illegal gambling fixture that any addle-headed hood rat can play for free, in the street, with people who will probably knife him at any moment, should become a neat little board game. Why has the lord forsaken me.

Damn, why not make Fuck You Roscoe, the game where you guess how much the crackhead is going to charge you for the baby carriage he stole. Or Swerve, the board game where you try not to get shot while neighboring sets take care of business. 500 points if you shoot back, zero points if you’re an innocent bystander. Fun for the whole family.

You can order the crackness at…jesus… I can’t believe I just typed that. Goodbye. Or as my people say mus zoo, sib ntsib dua. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


2 Responses to “Shredding My Black Card: Bling Bling 2002”

  1. ExclusivelyExclusive Says:

    That’s as bad as ghetto scrabble, where you speall words in ebonics for points (think: axe vs. ask). Terrible.

  2. connykate Says:

    You’re smoking rocks. Please tell me that does not actually exist. I can’t do it.

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