“I Was There” Files: Swagger & Consequence Parties


Hello everybody! Conny went out and had a time. So what the eff is new. Last night there was the Swagger (www.swagger-co.com) launch party at Stereo which was fun although it was kinda sceney for my taste. I felt weird not dressed like I owned my own rare Japanese sneaker company but the children looked fabulous. Bless them.

And for once there was a proper open bar! Not just some swill concoction of vodka and soda drizzled over ice but girlfriend was dumpin’ in the devil juice. Of course, I loved her for it. Just Blaze and Clark Kent DJ’ed but guess who showed up to rock the mic. Two of the motherfuckers I just love to hate: Lupe Fiasco and the queen himself, Kanye West. They ripped it I ‘spose but after Lupe played his three tepid singles, and Kanye screamed Throw Some Ds all off-key and ruined the song for me again on a whole ‘nother level, I bounced to the Consequence party.

Last time I was at the Ecko suite, I had a time and was expecting more of the same. But chile, I was just over it by the time Consequence went up. And thinking I was free of the foolishness, who should show up and rock the stage, a-gain, but Mr. Kanyizzle. Damn, I left Stereo to get away from all that. Felt like he was a damn Jehovah’s Witness with a mic and some Cazals. Damn Kanye, how many more innocent lives must you infect with foolishness? How many!!

And what was good with everybody leaving their keys at home and looking to me to fix it? My landlord definitely called me on some bullshit like, “er, when are you coming home, because uh, I left my keys, wallet and whole life on your kitchen counter.” I’m thinking like, “I have debauchery planned for tonight. If I come home and I’m able to stand you’ll get your keys. Otherwise, I guess you’re squatting on my stoop till dawn. ” And other children, who may or may not read this blog, need to start taking their keys with them when they go out. Ahem.

Oh yeah, so Consequence has an album or something, that I of course didn’t hear, but which you can learn more about here:



And I had to do Just Blaze because I can’t have anymore pics of Kanye on this site. I just can’t do it.


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