“I’ma Smack Flames Out Yo’ Ass”


In celebration of Ghana’s 50th Anniversary of Independence (March 6th…I’m operating on appropriately African time) I had to talk about Puffy’s latest legal trouble.

Allegedly Diddy was hitting on some dude’s fiancee and then punched him in the jaw when he tried to do sumpin’ about it. Normally, I’d be all, yeah, whatever and sea monkeys can tap dance. But the clincher, the reason I knew this foolishness to be true, is Diddy threatened to “smack flames out your ass.”

And the end. You know his black ass said that. I feel like he said that to motivate those chicks on Making the Band 3 like “you motherfuckas betta not get pitchy, this is a beautiful, soulful mothafuckin’ ballad! Don’t mess with me ladies, I’ma smack flames out yo’ ass!!”

Oh Diddy, have my children. I want a man who can ensure my babies asses stay flame-free.

Also, check out coverage on Ghana as an indie country 50 years later. Is the BBC trying to cover their own colonizing-happy behinds or does Yahoo! News need to lighten up a bit? BBC usually rocks my world but I’ll let the children decide. http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/march/6/newsid_2515000/2515459.stm 


I’m going to go change into my national costume.


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