Jesus, Kanye

Throw Some Ds is my jam so thanks for officially running my boner into the ground. I hadn’t heard your “rapping” in a minute and my life was much better for it.

But what the crack dude? Did you really just make a video to this? Did you really just take time out of your schedule to put this together? Like you barked to your poor assistant “Put my 5 o’clock manicure on hold and move my 6:15 manicure to 7. Oh and by the way, you got figh dollas? I gotta make this video right quick. Where’s my other assistant? I need that bitch to paste cutouts of Angelina Jolie’s face on a Popsicle stick.” What the crack.  

Thas’ why you can’t leave Kanye out of your sight for a second else he comes back with shit like talkin’ bout “This gon’ change the wooooorld mothafuckas! I got bitches on Popsicle sticks. I was wearin’ a wig! I almost died 10 years ago and I came back in a wig! Jesus walks.” 

It’s the Roc.


2 Responses to “Jesus, Kanye”

  1. ExclusivelyExclusive Says:

    This is hilarious. What the hell was Kanye thinking? So unnecessary, so self-centered, so….wait a minute, that’s what Kanye’s all about.

  2. seher Says:

    ROLLIN on the commentary… 😀

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