No Dukey!!!!

A recent article by the AP entitled, “Has Rap Music Hit A Wall” asks the question on all of our lips — is hip hop just too triflin’?

Captain Obvious says: Hell and Yes.

The article is a bit late on the whole, hip hop is violent, skank-ass and degrading, the consumers are white, the victimized are black, and other stock Fisher Price My First Sociological Analysis terms.

What is funny ’bout the article is when they point out that the “Chicken Noodle Soup” dance is part of the “growing minstrelization of hip hop.” If there was one song in 2006 that didn’t need to be picked on it was CNS which was basically Kidz Bop in Air Force Ones. It was a song made by the chillun, for the chillun. The dance was fool but nobody over age 12 was pumping their fist to that shit like, “hip hop is back!” Like please, old people, sit down.

Yes it is coon as shit but you’re saying things like Vanilla Ice, Flavor of Love, whatever Jamie Kennedy’s up to now and fools of that ilk had nothing to do with the foolishness of hip hop? Hip hop has been a hot ass mess for a minute. Get the eff outta here with that bologna.

Whatchu thank?


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