Black Hipster Profile: Lupe Fiasco


 Yeah, I’ve been avoiding this because it’s pretty fuckin’ trite. He’s a negro, he skateboards, he jocks Pharrell’s dick like joystick, yada, yada, yada.

So, he’s from the Chi and honestly every mofo I’ve met from there is mo’ kuntry than a sack of fatback. Jay-Z e’ped his Food and Liquor debut and he first got that ABC TV, mainstream, teenage white girl shine on Kanye’s “Touch The Sky” (underrated vid, I personally concede).

The truth is, Kick Push is bologna. There I SAID IT. “I Gotcha” is redemptive (<—word?) but, I just, I can’t deal with his thinly veiled pseudo-innovative arrogance. He’s like the second coming of every “conscious” rapper ever (the Commons, the Kanyes, the Pharrells, etc) but chile if he don’t bore the bejeezus outta me.

Plus I heard in person he’s a right prick from a couple sources and does the whole, “I got a $2000 advance from the label, I can’t talk to you right now. As iiif.” Lupe…you’ve taken your name from a maid in Guadalajara. Are the celeb theatrics really all that necessary?

Too bad you’re so hot you set my loins aflame (in a good way).


2 Responses to “Black Hipster Profile: Lupe Fiasco”

  1. ExclusivelyExclusive Says:

    I love you. I’m so glad I found this site.

  2. AAAHHHHHH Says:

    Jesus!! WordPress is trying to play me!! I can’t sign in it keeps freezing the crap out of my computer!! I mean !!!!

    Oh, and thanks lover…if I ever sign in I’ll throw you some blogroll love…

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