Young Folks

Forgive Conny’s tardiness in updating, she had a nervous breakdown.

Now for happy times. Peter Bjorn and John have made this sweet little video to go with their adorable little song Young Folks that makes the sun come out, rainbows splash across the sky, birds harmonize like doo-wop singers and flowers grow out of your butt. Just fantastic.

Plus the children have more fun stuff on their MySpace whose melodies cure aids and replace war with orgies:

And why did Diplo tech it all out with his crunchy b-more club rhythms? Don’t know if I like this less or more.


2 Responses to “Young Folks”

  1. Roland Says:

    I’ll take the credit for introducing them to you although you probably don’t remember when I showed you this very video.

    Sorry for the obnoxious post, my need for attention has been satiated.

  2. AAAHHHHHH Says:

    You rotten skank bucket…you showed me nothing!

    Lies, I tell you, lies!!!

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