“I Was There” Files: Louie Vega Virgin Records DJ Set


So Conny was trying to get her socialite on this week and found herself smack in the middle of her people: Old guard queens and ankle-biting leather clad twinks with a physical dependency on house music.

Louie Vega was feting the release of his Mix The Vibe compiliation (fabulous, I shall admit) at the Union Square Virgin Records store. As fun as it was it was awk-ward since it was in the cafe which has one wall facing the rest of the store and regular shoppers could peer in an see all the house heads dancing in our own little sassy garden of Eden.

Louie was ultimately a hot ass mess since he fake mixed the whole time and just played the tracklisting of this comp. Weak as balls. But oooooh, Ms. Barbaraaaaah Tucker KILLED IT!!  BT is like the house equivalent of a Nas and Louie and whole Masters At Work crew would be like Wu-Tang featuring Jay-Z and Biggie. Just crazy house titans all around so I was squealing like a dork. 


But Conny also got to meet Crazy Legs (yes, that Crazy Legs) who was so sweet and posed with a little awestruck liquor-breath Conny (you know I had to find l’alcohol but why did they have ICED TEA as a chaser? And why did they make Vodka lemonades (what thee fuck?) like 13 year-olds. Girlfriend dumped the Smirnoff in like it wasn’t grain alcohol but instead made of flowers and sunshine. Fools.). Also, Conny didn’t take home the Unnecessarily Fucked Up Award that night!! It went to Conny cohort Styl who puked in front of Virgin Records in the street like a champ. So, so proud.  The girl to the right of Conny (below) is a house singer who’s song was playing when we met but house vocalists tend to have the career longevity of premature gnats (to say nothing of the brain span either. Although I don’t know this chick so we’ll leave her be).

connycrazy-legs.JPG *Conny in the middle of the madness with a white Microsoft Editor block covering her identity but not her fierce sense of style.


4 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Louie Vega Virgin Records DJ Set”

  1. Styl Says:


  2. connykate Says:

    ya motha

  3. seher Says:

    im feelin what surrounds that block…

  4. embalkastet Says:

    Good luck with the site Are you attempting to play with my important validity A JOKE! ) Why do hurricanes travel so fast? If they traveled slowly, we would have to call them slow-i-canes

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