“I Was There” Files: K-Os On That Ooh-Wee At Webster Hall


 Aiyyo my man? What thee fuck?

Conny loves K-Os. Conny was looking forward to seeing K-Os at Webster Hall for awhile now and then Conny was PISSED at the amount of foolishness that abounded!!!

I should have forseen the ridiculousness when the venue said K-Os was going on 6:30 like a goddamn senior citizen. But when I got there I was the old fogey as E. 11st looked recess let out and they just got some new Nerf balls. There were like 8 different lines depending on whether you had a college ID and will call and all other types mess. And it was nothing but squirrely  little emo kids and screamo hos in training. It looked like Afghanistan taken over by 15 year-olds with headbands and Vans. Like the backpackers had backpacks because they were coming from SCHOOL!!

Then I get in, the only bitch with a wristband for miles among these prostitots and mini-hoodlums (felt like fucking homeroom), and K-Os’ black ass is fuckin’ around! Motherfucker stayed forgetting the words to his own songs (and admitting it!!) even though he had like a seven-minute set. Then he tried to freestyle instead and me and baby hipsters were just shifting around like, awk-waaaaaard. Oh my Christ he was on that shit. I guess the set was ok and I had fun dancing to the music and NOT THE WORDS but I just left and missed the madness all the toddlers were waiting for, Gym Class Heroes. Damn those motherfuckers are bigger than Saddam cuz that shit was overrun with little wanna be baddasses. Plus I had to leave early to avoid the train of minivans sure to be crowding Union Square waiting to pick up the Megans and Todds after the show.

K-Os, eat a dick.

Your pissed-off should-have-been-jump-off-if-you-would-take-the-dick-out-yo-mouth,



2 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: K-Os On That Ooh-Wee At Webster Hall”

  1. Gina Says:

    Dayumm for a sec I pissed that you didnt invite me!

  2. connykate Says:

    Chile…you ain’t missed nothin…

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