Pardonay Mwah


Apparently not everybody is a big fan of racism or finds it as funny as Conny.  Conny hung out with the bigwigs who work the register at McD’s (one day, I’ll be up there with the gods) on Saturday and they didn’t take to Conny’s somewhat curious hobby of being obssessed with racism.

I stopped by all international with my hair in kinky twists (I’m hotter than ever, can you imagine!!) and a box full of Indian sweets (don’t hate on ladoos) and half drunk (there really is no other way to stop by a co-worker’s in the middle of the night is there). I proceeded to drop the P-bomb (damn in this day and age you can’t even say paleskin around, well, motherfuckers who are pale!) and today, my housenegro friend pointed out that wasn’t very ladylike.

So Conny was being racist in mixed company. So thee eff what. I meant everything I said (which was basically that I wish I had to ability to truly be racist because that is a function of power versus “reverse” racism which I feel is a function of pity) and that I wouldn’t apologize because the same head cashier has been total dick to me when he’s been inebriated.

He was going on about how he had these Native American friends in Colorado (Colorado!! I was talking to a paleskin from CO. I should have ended that shit right there) and when I pointed out he kept talking about himself everytime he would sympathize (“It sucks their land was taken but I didn’t do it. I mean, why get mad at me?) I told him he was selfish and ignorant. And how come white people can’t take that shit like men? You begin to mention race and it’s like “Oh, but I didn’t do anything, it’s not my fault, I knew it was Black History Month, I’ve eaten fried chicken, please god stop telling me about myself!!”

So I told my Nephew Tom friend to mind his coon-ass business.

Besides, I’m not racist. I’ve got tons of white friends. (If white people can overuse the hell out that race-relations caveat so can I).

I threw up a pic of Nina cuz she wouldn’t have taken that shit.


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