The K-Os Begins And The Kele Ends


Ok, lemme calm down and try not to tapdance on the keyboard but K-Os is coming out with his third album. Gak! If you’re not familiar with K-Os then our friendship just officially ended…your bad.

For the good music novices in the house, K-Os is this Canadian godsend (Oh, Canadia can we do anything without you?) who blends together delectable bits of dub, house, hip-hop with insightful and punchy lyrics. The man can both sing and rap which makes him talented than most of those crochity bling racks rappers at the Grammys but he doesn’t seem to have that pesky pretension that talented hip hop artists often think they’re entitled to. In fact, his bio has a footnote about how he kept getting congratulated at SXSW cuz people (read: paleskins) thought he was Kele Okereke from Bloc Party. (No comment – you can see my previous post for my too obvious feelings about that)

K-Os’ Hymns for Disco drops in March, I believe. And you best believe I’ll be doing everything short actually paying money to get into the Webster Hall show on Feb. 22., <–You know what to do


Speaking of Kele, word is on the street is that he got “the ghey.” Getting the ghey is fine but dude is not only a Nigerian pop rocker but he takes it up the butt too? The key word here is Nigerian. I can only imagine those family reunions with a room full of shiny African doctors and their well-fed wives who they never touch, everybody in their Akan (or whatever Naijas call their Daishiki looks) and he waltzes in with raggedy Converses and a manfriend with blue hair. Sounds like a fun time.

Theorylicious does a waaaaaay better job of talking about sexuality and race in a sophisticated way. I just think kooter I’m all asunder.


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