Music I Shouldn’t Like: Rich Boy


To be fair, this is music nobody should like. This monkey-lipped motherfucker doesn’t talk about anything in particular and at first I resisted his country-fried charms with aplomb (actually I vacillated between indifference and disgust but let’s not get into semantic hairsplitting).

When I first heard his music while I was manning the fry basket (I told you McDonalds is the place to be) I enjoyed it but I daren’t reveal this perverse joy with my colleagues (I’m trying to move up to washing lettuce).

Then I heard his mixtape and um…I’m kinda, uh…hooked. I mean lines like, “Every freak should have a picture of my dick on their wall” or “I only want they head cuz that pussy might be itchin,'” are primarily the reason I stopped giving a cow’s cock about hip hop. But something about this kid…maybe it’s his froglike resemblence which is endearing to a girl who grew up reading pretty, pretty princess stories.  I mean anybody can relate to his hit, Throw Some Ds On It:

Pizzamakers: Throw Some Cheese On It!!

Dogs: Throw Some Fleas On It!!

Nuns: Throw Some Jesus On It!!

Plantation Owners: Throw Some N*gg*r B*tch*s On It!!


Or maybe I just need a poster of a dick on my wall.

You know you can get into trouble on the innanet:,


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