Live From Brooklyn – Klash and Gold

Hello children,

Conny’s got some shit fo’ yo ass tonight.


Everybody in the BK is “in the industry” or “is a musician” or “puts together some shit” et-fuckin’-cetera. Thanks to one proper BK bitch (Detroit!) I’ve found some fools you should be harassing before they blow up for serious:

SantoGold (aka Santi White) is known for her work with that fly negro rocker Res who came out with two-strand twists, symmetrical abs and a surprisingly tick album a few years ago but now struck out on her own with producers from the likes of Spank Rock’s XXXchange and some other mo’fos you should love. Her MySpace page has some sugary punk dub tracks and her well-detailed bio (which you can read for yourself since I’m too lazy to summarize) to familiarize yourself with this chick who is sure to blow! Or not. Whatever.

Also on the radar is this group Team Shadatek who hooked up with 77 Klash and Jahdan who have put together what we all need: “Brooklyn Anthem.” Check out this video with amah-zing production values and green screen technology that will make you wanna slap yo mama…harder than usual.

In addition, Conny has history with 77 Klash. Think nightclub, car, likka, foolishness. Yes, that’s right we met in a nightclub, he drove to my dorm in a car and once we imbibed rum together. But that is the foolishness that freshman year is made of…

Anyway, holla at these motherfuckers.

P.S. This post was barely researched so if everything’s wrong, that’s not my fault. I don’t give a shit.


2 Responses to “Live From Brooklyn – Klash and Gold”

  1. Gina Says:

    The only part you got wrong was Shadatek..They are Team Shadetek.

    And where’s their myspace love? Huh?

  2. connykate Says:

    Sorry lover, Conny will edit later…if she feels like it.

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