Life In The Salt Mines


So, Nicole Richie came into work the other day (I work at McDonalds) and she was there because her new fug-punk boyfriend Joel Madden was there for an interview (everyone’s trying to work at McDonalds). So here are some things I learned as she briefly passed by me on my way to the fry basket:

1. Nicole Richie is totally cute in person. I may just stop reading gossip magazines because girlfriend is way less skeletor-esque in real life. If you saw her she’d just look like a smartly dressed little half-breed on her way to Hollywood foolishness.

2. Nicole Richie has no life. Joel was there because he had griddle-based business to attend to but she like came along and literally followed him to the interview site (all future McD employees have to interview in this crazy launch pad at the back of the premises — I can’t really talk about it). Nicole may have a bajillion dollars and no ass but clearly she has nothing better to do than follow her bulldog-looking beau to his engagements.

Thank god I’m poor and fat and have a life of my own. For shame Nicole, for shame.


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