Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007: Deathspa Baby!


This ain’t supposed to happen!!! Lindsey Lohan and Robert Downey Jr. are all running around, lungs full of sunshine, and Anna Nicole Smith dies!! Girlfriend collapsed in Miami and was pronounced dead today around after being found unconscious.

Oh hell no!! I loved the Anna Nicole Smith show – Best thing E! ever did in life. Now what’s the point of listening to Howard Stern, or hoping for another Playboy red carpet where she can show up looking like who-shot-john-and-forgot-to-kill-him. If ever there were patron saints of Hot Ass Messes she was Mary herself!

So, along with girlfriend’s death dies the crack pellet company Trimspa. They were already being sued and now they’ve lost their token trainwreck to their evil-doings. Damn, I thought those pills were the placebos to end all placebos but I guess it worked on some level.

Now Danielynne is left with a kuntry name, no mama to defend it, and two limp-dicks squabbling over who sired the Playboy scion.

Dude, I am seriously sad. I’m gonna go smudge my lipstick and roll my eyes into the back of my head in honor of the fallen.

Anna we hardly knew thee.

Aol’s got multi-media mourning:


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