Music I Shouldn’t Like: The Pack


Conny’s trying to catch a case. These little negroes The Pack are sooooooo ninth grade. They’re little skateboarder hip hop punks with dreads and fronts. Pretty much doing everything  bad teenagers do ever.


Lil’ Conny happened to check out their latest single and now she thinks they are cute and she needs to talk to a counselor before she has to register with the county for her foolishness. Their little boy swagger is just so cute to me. Cuddly in that, I’m-gonna-take-your-virginity-then-shit-in-your-foyer-way. Their new vid, “I’m Shinin'”….chile, why do I wish I was seventeen and could go to a skatepark in Chucks and a miniskirt like, “Young $tunna could you teach me how to skate? I always get tripped up on those big…dips.” But if grown-ass Conny tries to step now, that’s gonna be awk-ward.

Check them out and tell me do I just need prayer? I think I need prayer.

Conny’s going to jaaail.


2 Responses to “Music I Shouldn’t Like: The Pack”

  1. Gina Says:

    These boys are the shit. I saw them Monday..was hopin I’d see you too. Check out the flicks in the link above.

  2. connykate Says:

    Motherfucker. They’re coming to work today. Chile, I’m gonna catch a case and git fired.

    Wait, where was my black ass Monday? Where were they? Why ain’t you tell nobody?

    Daaaamn, Gina!

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