I need to sterilize my keyboard after posting this d-list foolishness but Kim Kardashian and Ray-J DO have a sex tape and it was STAGED! What in the Sunset-Boulevard-$13 dollar-hooker mess is this? Who stages sex tapes? What ass-clowns are still making them?

If they were gonna be really real, like really really real with it, they should a been like, “Yeah, we fucked on camera. The shit was great. Pay us five hunnet dollas to see it.” Simple! None of this, “oh I didn’t make a sex tape, I mean you don’t know if I made a sex tape, oh whoops, is that my sex tape on the new releases rack? Yeah, 39.99.”

Bossip has FOOTAGE of this foolishness!! Oh, the children need prayer: http://bossip.com/2007/02/exclusive-ray-j-and-kim-kardashian-sex.html#links

Plus Concreteloop.com alerted me to the stagedness http://www.concreteloop.com

Plus they sold that shit to Vivid Video (the same people behind I Dream of Jenna…bless them) for $1 million dollars. Slaps all around.

And you can waste more time at work at www.kimsuperstar.com (Although this site is probably not safe for work)

In equally sad and related news, Kim covers the latest Complex magazine. This is heartbreaking because this is a magazine that I LOVED! I used to stalk them for an internship in undergrad and I thought they were just coolest cats on the block. Now…this:


At least they ask the all-important question on er’body’s mind: “Who is Kim Kardashian.” I’ll take slutty Armenian slutbag for $100, Alex. Oh, and Ray-J’s skank ass is no better but he’s somewhere allegedly bonking Whitney Houston so I guess he’s being punished properly.


5 Responses to “Ewww…”

  1. connykate Says:

    connykate, you are fuckinghysterical. You get a gold star for keepin’ it real. And really really, I hate maybe to admit this, but I have absolutely no idea who either one of those cats are, I am not keepin up with my pop cuture proper.xo

  2. Me Says:

    You left a message on your own site. I’m gonna have to ask you to take two trimspa’s and pray you don’t end belly up in a kiddie pool at someone’s jello wrestling party. P.S. there is no P.S.!

  3. connykate Says:

    Ok, so Conny stayed logged in on her friend’s computer and that friend gave her props without logging out. Now can everybody just get off Conny’s dick? Thanks.

  4. RBG Says:

    This flat chested bitch is jealous that she doesn’t get pounded half as hard as pretty lil kim k. Does on the sex tapes all I have to say is wow this girl is beautiful the things I would eat out of her ass….

  5. connykate Says:


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