Black Hipster Profile: Snoop Dogg


Many of you may wonder about today’s black hipster profile. “But Conny,” you say “this is a negro who epitomizes ghetto-fantabulousness at its zenith. Is this man not an O.G.? Hipster, we shake our heads and bellow nay!” And if you speak like an 18th century filibusterer, I don’t know why you’re on the internet instead of your daily fox hunt but that’s neither here nor there.

Snoop is an original hipster, trust. A skinny, weed-smokin’, forty-chuggin’ musician who wears a slight variation of the same Converse and white-tee outfit everyday of his life is at least one fool-ass definition in the UrbanDictionary for hipster. The only reason his black hipster designation might seem a bit dubious is because he dates black girls. Otherwise we raise our Pabst in praise to thee, ye olde fool-ass negro hipster.


In case you live in a lint trap and have never done anything ever, Big Snoop Dogg shot fame with a cameo on the Deep Cover soundtrack ( you know you love that movie) and later peppered his fame by joining No Limit Records (Make the Gs say unnhhh!), renouncing weed and then reclaiming that shit hard as a mug three months later and after years of catching court dates, releasing Platinum-selling albums named for the time-honored-tradition of hitting it from the back and generally getting Grandma America’s knickers in a twist, settling down to coach little league. Little league. Little league football. And of course pimpin’ out the football bus like Bootsy Collins on an acid and silver polyester binge.

Oh blipster, thy name is Snoop. Let me riiiide

16 Responses to “Black Hipster Profile: Snoop Dogg”

  1. jesus Says:

    estan bien perras tus rrolas wey

  2. SIANNA Says:


  3. yasaman Says:

    i love u
    i love dark skinned
    and i love 50 cent im iranian
    i love u very very much

  4. Vick Says:

    Ohh.. hell yeah.. he’ a hipster… and like duh.. he’ a mtf OG… hell i love he’ shit 😉

  5. Emerganze Says:

    you like his shit?@vick
    W.t.f ? Nagoobalhaaa

  6. Chorezota Says:

    hola amigo espero te guste la foto de mi novio para q t des 1 qmon eeeeeeee jajajaja bye.

  7. kieana Says:

    hi name kieana 13 age years tall

  8. tori Says:

    priwet cuvaki i cuvihi privet iz khimok

  9. SOVA Says:

    Snoop dogg the best!!!

  10. laura Says:

    hola snoop te amamos en peru cuidate mucho y me gustaria conocerte en persona pero se que es algo imposible

  11. amy Says:

    i love u snoop! im amy im 12 and when i grew up i wanna hang out with u backstage! right now my parents wont let me go 2 ur concerts call me! (XXX) XXX-XXXX

  12. don esther Says:

    yeh…i luv yo style..i wish we would meet someday….i luv u mob

  13. MRCARTOON Says:

    esta weno

  14. MRCARTOON Says:


  15. gregor Says:

    lan nygga lan nygga lan madafaka lan

  16. Helen Says:

    Snoop Dogg оhrenenui chuvak)))ya b ego trahnula$)eeeeeee)))

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