Rollin’ With The Blipsters


Sooo…guess who doesn’t like the idea of a black hipster? Every-fuckin’-body. I was cruising (as hipsters often do) and they had this post talkin’ shit about a NYTimes article that spotlighted the gloriously clumsy term for Negroes who like Sparks: “Blipster.”

Now I started dying but these bearers of gentrification, emo and all-around foolishness where up in arms like, “the negroes don’t like this,” “and I, Beth-Ann White Girl, don’t like that” and “I’m offended!!” blahdy-blahdy-blah. Oh, the children need a spanking.

 What is funnier than Blipster? Nothing. It sounds like you were fucking up like, “Hi, my name is Conny and I’m a Blip-blop-bloooowww…lemme start over.” It’s fantastic.

So yeah see all the madness here:

As far as the picture, I googled black hipster…and, yeah…


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