The Lord Rewards Hipster Foolishness


Yes, Allah has heard my prayers. After bitching about it here, M.I.A. has blessed the innanet with some new music. The new track is called “Bird Flu” (she would call it that…damn immigrants) and it features her in I’m assuming her native Sri Lanka (either that or she herded a bunch of Brownies in front of Port Authority) bangin’ on pots and pans and getting their National Geographic on as only M.I.A. could direct.

Word is girlfriend dipped into her own bedazzled pockets to fund the clip and for me the low production values are charming and typically Maya. Plus the little boy in the red with The Karate Kid bandanna is too adorable, he makes my lungs hurt. And I wish I could wear a shirt with a watermelon on it and look sexy and not just look like  a coon.

Alright, well that’s enough bashing other people’s culture. I’m not white so I can’t be all blissfully ignorant as thoroughly as the white folk. Need to get my stamina up.  Here’s the vid:

And while we’re talking about fool ass white people, I love how this shut down Boston for a day. The paleskins in my hometown are geniuses.


A cartoon milkshake in neon lights giving the finger. Yeah, this has got the Axis of Evil written all over it.

I heard it first at Giant Step and I saw it for serious on her MySpace


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