Amy’s In The House


Reason No. 348 why I need to leave the country: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is the kind of singer/songwriter name that buzzes about the boho/bhipster set with the hype of a multiple-season Flavor of Love reunion. Wary of a Vanessa Carlton knock-off in bamboo earrings, I stayed away but thank goodness for my curiousity (and slight need to feel “in-the-know” while I type at my computer eating Handi-Snacks). This bitch is fantastic. She looks like an Armenian video chick but has the potty mouth of a wino. I totally get it.

Her bio has tons of pr buzz words you throw in when the artist is actually talented like “emotional resonance” and her difference from the “pop millieu.” Either way girlfriend is how singer-songwriters should be. Not weepy, anorexic sad sacks pouting over their millions in their Marc Jacobs cardigans but they should be writing lyrics like “They tried to make me go to rehab/but I say no, no, no.” (You sing it girl! They gonna always try that foolishness unless you put your foot down! I don’t need no help – mind yo’ business)

Are all Brits making songs like “What kind of fuckery is this?”  I assume so which is why I need to start a penny jar with the proceeds going towards a one-way flight to Heathrow. So she’s cute, she sings f-bomb-laden doo-wop and she released her second album at 22. There, now I can go kill myself. 

You can get on the My-Life-Is-Stupid-Compared-To-Amy-Winehouse’s Suicide Plan by either buying her album (assuming motherfuckers still do that) or checking her out here at


2 Responses to “Amy’s In The House”

  1. seher Says:

    i love that woman…

  2. connykate Says:

    I know! Her doo-wop potty mouth is awesome

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