“I Was There” Files: Young Love and Rich Boy Release Parties


Oooh chile…you may notice Conny was a bit absent this past week. Add moving to mid-week open bars and you’ve got FOOLISHNESS!! A bit about that later though…On to the bhipster stuff:

Update: Young Love is a group but the press materials only feature this guy so how was I supposed to know?? Publicists are rock hoes.

 So I attended a release party for the latest sensitive smelly boy du jour – Young Love. To be totally honest, I am not really in the best place to judge him as the child is a friend of one of my good girlfriends and a managed by another down bitch. But you know me and nepotism.

A peek at his MySpace page and he looks like The Bravery’s Fall Out With Badly Drawn Boy. But,  his single “Discotech” is like baby glam rock – unnecessarily danceable yet quite MTV-friendly. Lately, I like my dance music dirty as shit but I approve – even if he does look like every other shaggy-haired hipster baby in the ‘Burg.

But Young Love’s slick guitar grunts aren’t what had me ackin’ a damn fool this week. I went to the aforementioned release party but not before I was being a real negro and checked out Rich Boy’s release party.

If you’re not from Mo-beel, Alabama you probably won’t know this fool from a can of paint but this praying-mantis-looking specimen of kuntry foolishness is the latest little child spewing dirty crunk music out today. His single “Throw Some D’s” on it is shamefully catchy.  Any-fuckin’-hoo.

It was held at Cielo, which is a fave dance spot and tonight it was hip hop industry and open fuckin’ bar. I needlessly wiled out because it was an open bar and because, I don’t know… I need to talk to someone. I downed three house wines and by the time that fool came out, I barely knew where I was. I stole some toilet paper and went to SoHo to hit up the Young Love joint.

At this point, I’m pathetic. I needed to take my black ass home and drink some herbal tea but no, I’m a fool-ass hipster (and I wanted to support my girl) so I attended this party somebody’s kick-ass loft. This also had an open bar and unlike negroes, it stayed open. So I staaaayed drunk. My girl would go up and order and I would just say bring back two. I could have been slamming back turpentine and coke for all I care. Just foolishness all around.

 Moral of the story, I left, hit on some Dunkin’ Donuts cashier for 20 minutes, fell asleep on the L, woke up in Canarsie and had to ride the shit back, drunk with my headwrap slumping off my head. At some point I stole a red lightbulb and the spent the next day dry-wretching in my bathtub. The End.


One Response to ““I Was There” Files: Young Love and Rich Boy Release Parties”

  1. ethan Says:

    foolishness. sounds like plain ol’ foolishness.

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