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The OOP: Obligatory Oscar Post

February 26, 2007


Dear Mr. Asian Man Who Sells Me My 50 Cent Bagel From A Tin Cart:

Can I have my morning carbs without the sexual harrassment? Your nominal English and generous lisp makes the situation no better.



Because I Love You…

February 23, 2007

Um…my life is pretty much over now.

Housekeepin’: Sharam – Party All The Time

February 23, 2007

So, I’ve been meaning to post up my favorite house music for like my whole life and so I need to start with the incomparable Party All The Time by Sharam. Sharam, one Iranian half of Deep Dish lifted the classic Eddie Murphy record to even loftier heights of glory. Sharam, I bow to thee and the majesty that is PATT. 

“I Was There” Files: K-Os On That Ooh-Wee At Webster Hall

February 23, 2007


 Aiyyo my man? What thee fuck?

Conny loves K-Os. Conny was looking forward to seeing K-Os at Webster Hall for awhile now and then Conny was PISSED at the amount of foolishness that abounded!!!


“I Was There” Files: Louie Vega Virgin Records DJ Set

February 23, 2007


So Conny was trying to get her socialite on this week and found herself smack in the middle of her people: Old guard queens and ankle-biting leather clad twinks with a physical dependency on house music.


Forgiveness, Please

February 23, 2007


Conny’s so sorry she’s been absentee she’s been out pretending to have a real life. She really loves you all. Well, not the white people.


Pardonay Mwah

February 20, 2007


Apparently not everybody is a big fan of racism or finds it as funny as Conny.  Conny hung out with the bigwigs who work the register at McD’s (one day, I’ll be up there with the gods) on Saturday and they didn’t take to Conny’s somewhat curious hobby of being obssessed with racism.


That Bitch Done Got The Crazy

February 17, 2007

In Captain Obvious news, Britney’s Spears is a wackjob.


She shaved her head in response to “a tragic event” which is probably the loss of her favorite crackpipe.


The “I Was There Files” – Inspired NY Bombay Sponsored Foolishness

February 15, 2007


Oh children, a bitch can die happy now. Among the things I’ve wanted in my adult life is a room with a window (baby steps), a big ol’ sausage cock to ride (hehehe, just kidding) and to see CoCo T’s bozangas in real life. And lordy chile, I’m picking out the pink satin to line my mahoghany coffin cuz I can die as contented as a Mexican in a pork factory.


Andre’s Trying To Get On…Again

February 13, 2007


I’ve been an Outkast basically since the womb. When I saw that chocolate ribcage and sinewy muscles in the Player’s Ball video in 1994, it was ovaaaah.