Negroes In The News

There were alot of pictures of negroes lookin’ crazy this week so I’m about to take it back.


Fantasia (such an unfortunely hood ass name) opened for Jamie Foxx at Madison Square Garden the other day. Ok, so I only got one question for Fantasia? Where in crackhead hell are girlfriend’s shoes?

Ok, that’s a lie, I got whoooole lot more questions for girlfriend. Was she singing or shitting? Is she trying to fly? Why does she look like Nettie in The Color Purple (WRIIIIIITE!!)? Why is she trying to destroy me?


Wendy Williams aka Tranny of All Media showed her crackhead ass at some event. Jesus, her bozongas are out of control. She and Nelly’s Apple Bottom’s jean company are making a line of T-shirts to stop young girls from having sex. This is just foolishness on all types of levels. Why would you make Wendy Williams your spokewoman for anything – unless you were promoting hot ass messes. And a company called Apple Bottoms is telling girls to keep it in their pants? Moving the fuck on….


Beyonce is trying hard to get people to look at her at another Dreamgirls premiere or Golden Globes or something. Oh, how the stank have fallen. Girlfriend, nobody gives a fuck about you anymore. J-Hud killed it during And I Am Telling You… It’s over for you. Let it the fuck go, Dreamgirls is not your movie. Wait for Austin Powers 4: Shaggin’ in Africa when you can play Queen MoBooty or something.

Girlfriend is posing like “Dear God please somebody look at me!!” You know in her head she’s like:

Look at me please! I’ll do anything fo’ ya! I’ll shake my ass, I’ll tapdance. Want me to shine yo’ shoes? I’LL SHINE YOUR SHOES JUST PLEASE GOD LOOK AT ME!!!!

Now you know how Kelly feels. No tears for this bitch. Pathetic.


Serena Williams won something at the Australian Open while looking like a crazy person. So I guess now black people care about tennis again.

I shamelessly jacked all these pics from Crunk + Disorderly. Plus you gotta check out the Serena pic at C+D which is fucking fantastic.


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