Like really, why is this going so far?  

Word on the street is Isaiah Washington is going to rehab for…wait for it…name-calling. What thee fuck, my friends? I tried to stay mum on this whole f-word debacle because Isaiah is one of my favorite actors ever. I mean EVER!! When he was that soul brotha with the chocolate muscles in Crooklyn, when he was the crazy klepto in Girl 6, when he couldn’t get it together as Savad in Love Jones, even that episode of Living Single when he had this kind of stalker crush on Khadijah I was in love!!! I even saw him in Dancing in September! Did you see that!?!? Exact-fuckin’-ly. Oh my christ, he could get it anyway he wants – on the patio table, on the laundry room floor, in a back alley with a midget watching, I don’t give a shit. He sets my loins ablaze.


Anyway, ABC suddenly cares about the gays so they’re making him go a “facility.” Ok, you want Isaiah to leave the gays to their gayness, fine – he totally fucked up and should be remorseful. How-fuckin-ever. Will he be meeting KKKramer in the lobby and “heal” with him too? Cuz we have videotaped footage of that foolishness and all he had to do was Hi-Five Al Sharpton and the was the end of it. I mean dude sent out an apology, met with the president of GLAAD and admitted he had some issues, bought some Prada loafers…the whole shebang.

But rehab? Here’s the thing. If you’re a crochity old bigot at heart, fine, do you! We don’t send the KKK or neo-nazis to touchy-feely-girl-emotions camp so why send the hottest doctor on television? He boinks an Asian girl in TV life, doesn’t that count for anything? I’m not condoning his actions but I just think the Mel Gibsons and the Michael Richards should be in on this prayer circle too.

Oh and stop the presses! Isaiah also played a gay man in Get On The Bus!! Have Mikey or Mel ever played a darkie or a jew in any of their blockbusters? Didn’t fuckin’ think so.

Hopefully this is just a rouse and by “rehab” he means Tahiti where he’ll be sucking back pina coladas (or whatever South Pacific Islander drink they have there) and stuffing dollar bills into the Speedos of the tan cabana boys. That will make him appreciate the joy of homosexual men. That or angry butt sex. Whichever.

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