Oh no. We’ve got to talk about this. Coco Camel Toe! – Headline ConnyKate news. I used to wonder how such bionic booty could end up on a white girl and this picture says it all. She was built from the remnants of dozens of other cast-off porn stars which would explain why she has the vagooj of nearly five women.

Doesn’t she kinda look like a superhero and her super power is Takin’ It Like A Champ. Can’t you see her like:

Coco: I am Coco! Vagooj Stare! The fire of my loins has the power of a thousand nipple clamps! *Flames fly out of her ass — she defeats her opponent with a squirt of KY*

Baby Jesus slit his wrists.

Young, Black and Fabulous is trying to destroy me:

No, for serious, you can leave comments on this blog. We’ve got to talk about this. I need closure.


One Response to “Oooohhh…”

  1. Khi Says:

    This is the worst case of Camel Toe I have seen in my life. If you Wiki “camel toe” her picture should be right there next to the actual picture of a camels toe. I’m mad about it. End.

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