No chile, that is not no snarky blog euphemism or convenient word mash-up to describe a current event. This is a real tour. Homorevolution 2007 is a tour with all the hottest openly gay (cuz if we count closeted MCs this would just be another G-Unit and Cash Money funded soiree) rappers of the day including Deadlee and Delacruz. So, I ain’t ne’er heard of none of these fools but this chick Melange Lavonne (homo hottie in the wifebeater) could get it – you know, if her myspace pic isn’t a sham…which it most likely is.

Oh my gays have come out the closet with doo-rags and gangsta grillz and they’re trying to take back hip hop. I could make a whole bunch of digs about rainbow-striped timbs, Bareback Compton and voguing in the ‘hood but I don’t even have the energy. It’s all been zapped by the title: HOMOREVOLUTION!! VIVA LA HOMO!! Oh my Christ, that is the best title for anything ever. I’m gonna need a t-shirt. Oooohh girl, I can see them voguing in the parking lot of these shows like “who’s bad?!”


Check out their MySpace (naw I ain’t on there yet, dirty cyber whippersnappers) http://www.myspace.com/homorevolution

Oh, those gays have got me going. They can come over to my house for Christmas goose anytime.


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