Black Hipster Profile: Lisa Bonet/Denise Huxtable


Lisa Bonet is easily one of the most prominent black hipsters ever but I couldn’t decide whether to focus on her real life or her Cosby persona (between the face paint and braces girlfriend often looked like a rebel without an orthodontist). But I’m just gonna talk about both interchangeably and you’re gonna sit there and like it.

Denise has alllll of the most coveted hipster credentials: Rich, lives in Brooklyn (since she’s rich she doesn’t have to but that’s what the kids are doing these days) , dropped out of college, grew locs even though she has white-girl hair, cusses out her parents, is functionally homeless, dresses like a hobo on a spaceship, etc. I could totally see Denise drinking a Sparks and making out at Savalas with one of the members of TV On The Radio. Like she would have really fit in at Hillman.


The line between the Bonet and the Denise is smudged and anointed with essential oils. Denise’s character had to be altered because Bonet in real life was actin’ a fool, running off in Doc Martens and a bucket hat to marry Romeo Blue (and dumping him before he became Lenny Kravitz!!). But I guess you can do that when you’re hotter than a gold watch on Canal street.

 Recently, girlfriend has been in the most random set of movies from Biker Boyz to Enemy of the State, changed her name to Lilikoi Moon (on some foolish white people-finding-myself shit) and I don’t know, worships Mexican Chinchillas. Here’s a picture of Bonet drinking water:


And here’s a picture of her daughter high on “life:”


Carrying on the black hipster tradition as only the spawn of Lenny and Lilikoi can. Makes me all warm and pukey inside.


25 Responses to “Black Hipster Profile: Lisa Bonet/Denise Huxtable”

  1. blip2 Says:

    dang a 40!!!!!. i’m sure she can afford some guiness. she’s discovering her ghetto roots.

  2. connykate Says:

    I’m sorry but no situation ever calls for O.E…

  3. mistinguette Says:

    you are jealous .she is incredibly beautifu;l.

  4. connykate Says:

    What does her being beautiful have to with her being an alcoholic?

    In addition, this post isn’t even hating.

    Let’s do better Misting…

  5. Shasta Says:

    ghetto roots? these rich pampered white girls know nothing of the ghetto. they live in fame and fortune (though other peoples’ fortune rather than their own). lisa’s so fake she bought her spirituality off the om card from visa.

  6. Chris Says:

    She’s awesome as hell and is just a regular person like any of us. I know yall have had those nights of pissed drunkness. Lets take the world Zoe and toss one back this weekend. Haha. U’ll see this tomoz when i show u how i was reppin ya and the good old purch! Peace nyucka

  7. Delores Says:

    So what who hasn’t had a drink at that age. At least she is in school doing her thing. Thank god she isn’t a Lindsay Lohan. So Lisa and Lenny must had did something right.

  8. Javon Says:

    i believe that as a nation of people have come to adapt the whatever mentality, we no longer care about our mind set! or how the longer out come is we live in the (right -now ) state of mind and it is sad to see a young girl want to damage her body at such a young age ! now don’t get me wrong it ‘s nothing wrong with partying as long as you don’t destroy your temple in the process!

  9. fred Says:

    I have to agree with delores. It is one picture and you all have done that at one time. Like she said, at least she is not Lindsey Lohan, or some other rich nut finding themself by pretending to be poor, even though they have daddy and mommy to bail them out. Do not hat, if you had that money do not say you would not enjoy it.

  10. Brice Says:

    White girl hair, white this, white that…. You really need to calm down. Like anyone has to be of a certain race to have certain hair, or to live in a certain area. By the way, she wasn’t raised rich. Straight up, you sound mad jelous. If it makes you uncomfortable, that’s all on you. She was raised by her white mother after her black father took off. Try going a little further to understand someone than their skin color. It seems to affect everything you say about Lisa Bonet. Chill, girlfriend, chill.

  11. jaye Says:

    kate m’girl…’re coming across kind of petty…… lisa or lilikoi or whatever she desires to call her self…..dances to a different beat…..doesn’t have to be a beat with your approval…..seeing as how nothing she does effects anything that you do… was said before…..chill……..your claws are showing homegirl……

  12. connykate Says:

    See, this is what I don’t get. How is this post hateresque? I mean, real talk.
    I can’t bust out some sarcasm with “bringing down the race.” This ain’t Jet magazine chile…

  13. connykate Says:

    I mean, of course, say your opinions, dream you dreams, follow your myopic lil’ hearts but just because I mention she’s biracial and say numerous offensive things about that, doesn’t mean I’m jealous.

    I see how you could think that but if you look at my general writing style, I talk the same foolery ’bout err’body; be you half-cracker, full-ofay, a splash of octaroon, blue black and purple-gummed old school ‘groe.

    See, this is why I can’t take bohos…

  14. connykate Says:

    I mean, I really feel like all of you problems would be solved if you kids read this post. I’m talking about Denise Huxtable AND Lisa Bonet interchangeably. Which is confusing but whatever, this is America, deal with it.

    Denise Huxtable was rich, grew up in Brooklyn and the end. Since she’s been written out of the series…,wait, why do I care?

    Ok, carry on

  15. Chris Says:

    all the racial shit aside! Zöe is in college with me kickin ass and taking names! What r u doing with ur life other than running some shitty rag site…. that i’m writing on defending a friend of mine!

  16. chuckbaby Says:

    Lol this is some funny ish* but for serious you need to check out what this guy said about black hipsters <a href=””<Black Hipsters

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  18. Taylor Says:

    She’s amazing. I love her 😀

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  23. JouJou Says:

    Lisa is a Beautiful woman and has a Beautiful soul! She is shining even more now. Healthy skin, hair, mind body an d soul. How about you start a non Catty Nasty comment free blog. It is very tiring to read jealous women’s comments about truly Beautiful people. Time to grow up maybe?

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