My WB Childhood Stars Are Now Hot Ass Messes


Tia Mowry, as in Tia and Tamera (Sista, Sis-TAH!!) is engaged. To whom, I don’t really care. Some elfin-lookin’ mofo who takes it up the butt. Add this to her “comeback” on the WB Part 2 CW “hit” The Game and I guess she’s turning out alright.  Sooo…is Tamera dead or what?


Oh, oh, oh! Look, look, look! Ray-J (formerly of Moesha), my favorite little coattail rider has realized Brandy’s not even an interesting trainwreck anymore and has hopped on the Whitney Houston express to Cracktown. In other words, he’s doin’ the nasty with America’s most lovable rock ho (next to Tyrone Biggums and Propecia). At least that’s what all the ever reliable and non-bullshit filled gossip blogs (ConnyKate is not of this ilk of course) are saying.

I love that picture. You know the dialogue is like:

Whitney: Leave us alone! We got crack to do!

Ray-J: Yeah, and I got bitches to pee on!

And if you don’t know the real deal about Ray-J check here: and has got full coverage of the foolishness:


2 Responses to “My WB Childhood Stars Are Now Hot Ass Messes”

  1. Roland Says:

    That’s that Ghetto Revival. Hallelujah Hollaback!

  2. connykate Says:

    Roger is somewhere in Michigan crying into a patch of daffodils.

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