Kelis’ Um…Does Stuff…With Cee-Lo…Weird

But not weird enough. If you know anything about me (chances are I harassed you personally about this blog) you’ll know that I like to pretend that Kelis is my crazy, older sister and role model in terms of dressing and acting a complete fool. So when I saw the coat which makes her look like a hooker from The Jetsons, I thought this vid had real off-the-wall potential. But at the end, I felt kinda cheated.

How are both rainbow-haired, gold-grill rockin’, Nas-fuckin’, Lycra-spokeswoman (she really was though) Kelis and Crazy mo-fo from Goodie Mob AND Gnarls Barkley Cee-Lo Green gonna be on a track and make this video that just looks like “Teletubbies in the ‘Hood.” 


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