White People Are Racist, Even When They Aren’t


I told you! I told all you em-effers!! “Oh Brangelina! They’re the patron saints of humanitarian hotness! They love all the colors of the globe. Benetton’s got nothin’ on them!” Yeah, what-fuckin’-ever.

After everyone picked up the Golden Globes they bought this past Monday, Brad Pitt apparently congratulated Extra hostess and big-haired bitch Tanika Ray. The NYPost reports the less skeletal Brangelina half mistook girlfriend for Dreamgirls winner Jennifer Hudson. That’s like mistaking Beyonce for, I don’t know, someone else in Destiny’s Child.

See, this just confirms the suspicion that that man is just an extreme pothead. Like my girl pointed out, can’t you just see him at home, tokin’ a little toke, sitting shirtless and playing a Didjeridoo?

But you know with all us nigras running around all hincty jess like we as good as the white folk, what’d you ‘spect from a good white man. There are a lot of us these days – even his daughter is black! 

Oh white people, stop it, you’re killing me!

 Story jacked from http://www.dlisted.com


One Response to “White People Are Racist, Even When They Aren’t”

  1. Robertco Says:

    Will this make my Brad Pitt stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=1134

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