Spare Some Change?


Who is this picture of old-school black hipster foolishness? Yessir, it’s the Pharrell Williams himself back in ’01 looking like he’s about to get some free soup downtown. This is back when he was just that dude in the videos and before Chad Hugo fell into a ditch, or huffed himself into a coma or whatever that fool is up to now.

This is the Pharrell who started all that BAPE, hipster foolishness that has grown ass men walking like they were styled by a special kindergardener that eats Play-doh. Grown men with jobs, who have college degrees, ambition and sex gladly leave the house looking like this:


Don’t they look like they couldn’t decide whether to drive a truck or star in a Western? Sorry, Sa-Ra but y’all got money for mirrors. Now as usual I reserve my unmitigated hate for things that I personally indulge in. Needless to say if a dude like this stepped to me I would give him the time of day and I do think this look is fly…now. But in five years, this look is gonna feel like this:


Oh, behold the Gumby fade. I praise thy majesty. Now to me, Gumby fades are still fly but I wear culottes so I’m all about foolishness.

Now that is black history.

Hate on Sa-Ra some more here:


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