Dark-Skinned Girls Gone Foolish

Foxy being foolish

So my patron saint of dark-skinned girl foolishness, Ms. Foxy Brown, is apparently too angry for anger management classes. Girlfriend got kicked out of her classes over a $180 bill. Here’s the thing. If you make your living bragging about your hobo ways (“tin cans on my feet, I eat spoiled meat”)  then cussin’ some counselor out over $200 dollas is fine; appropriate even.  But this one’s livelihood has been based on her ability to talk about getting the finer things in life like Moet and that good Yaki Pony.

I think she’s just trying to get into jail at this point. Damn, let Lil’ Kim win some of the battles between 90s Brooklyn rappers who are now hot ass messes.

But at the end of the day, I love Foxy. She a crazy ho.

Also, her British tranny version Naomi hit up the courtroom too (for those who care about Naomi after 1997).

Naomi being foolish

Wait, any chick who’s ever been near a stiletto knows that heels and NYC gratings do not mix. Add in that Oliver Twist haircut and we’ve got head-shaking foolishness fo’ yo’ ass.

Pix jacked from Crunk + Disorderly http://www.crunktastical.blogspot.com


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