Good Times


Chic is the baddest band ever. No one had the luxe yet cheeky style, the sex appeal, and the easily some of the most underrated musicianship ever in life. I’ve been blasting “My Forbidden Lover” like I’m trying to promote the bootleg on 125th street. And yesterday I bought this black and green belted culotte number from H&M like that shit’s acceptable. I mean CULOTTES!! This is 2006! Why do I think this is OK?!?! Chic, that’s why.

 And Nile Rodgers is kinda like War. He’s behind all that music you love but he didn’t come up in the producer era with the Pharrells and Diddys screaming all over the track. He produced Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” album, Diana Ross’ “Upside Down” and even the score to Coming To America. For the latter alone he should be deified.

I also found out that my totally fave hot jam of all time, “Kissin’ You” by Total (I know, I usually mumble who it’s by) is actually written by Raphael Saadiq. It all makes sense now! Now I can really get married to that song like a Baaaaaaad Girrrrrrrrl.


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