Running With Weaves


So there’s a new “supergroup” on the block (if by super we mean, hot-ass mess). Shawnna, Remy Ma, and Jackie-O have decided to pool the embers of their waning fame and even less obvious talent and form an all new girl group tentatively titled, HBIC (Head Bitches In Charge…so fucking trite). Yeah, I’m really wetting my pants waiting for this album.

HBIC is so painfully typical. I think they should be a little more esoteric with theirs and go with something more eloquent like the aforementioned Running With Weaves. Or perhaps be all empowered like, Bitches Who Will Cut a N*gga! Or just keep it simple like The No Go Hoes ‘cuz without their respective crews (Terror Squad, DTP, etc) nobody knows who these heifers are.

Crunk + Disorderly will tell you all about it:


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