Who doesn’t love Jay Kay?


I may come off as a smartly dressed little negress but deep down I am a foot-stompin’, outrageous, so-fab-I-fart-glitter, disco-house QUEEN!!

When I hear the old-school house collective Incognito’s take on everybody’s favorite cover song, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” it’s a fuckin’ event. They took a sumptuous approach to a well-worn tune that I definitely approve of. Get obssessed at Giant Step’s jukebox. (www.giantstep.net)

While you’re there check out Jamiroquai’s “Radio.” Acid jazz may be dead, and the thing now, if you’re brave enough to admit you likey the house musik, is electro-house. But Jamiroquai’s sugary groove is something that I will just never budge on, even if just for nostalgia’s sake.  Revoke all the relevant passes (black, hipster, American, not brain-damaged, whatever) you want. 

I tried to find a Jay pic that’s not’s so douchebaggy but it was too much work.


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